CRTARTU KATETU Covered Toe Non-slip Velcro Baby Walker Sandal XBI70

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Model: XBI70
Color: Blue / Pink / Yellow
Outer Material: Meshfiber + PU + Rubber shoe sole
Size: 13 /14 /14.5 /15.5 /16 /16.5 /17.5 /18 (cm)

型号: XBI70
颜色: 蓝色 /粉色 / 黄色
面料: 超纤皮 +橡胶鞋底
尺码: 13 /14 /14.5 /15.5 /16 /16.5 /17.5 /18 (cm)

2021, KATETU had launched a brand upgraded from CRTARTU to KATETU. To achieve its “K” element. KATETU is constantly upgrading, so there may be some products involving the OLD and new LOGO at the same time. Therefore, the word KATETU is the latest English LOGO of our brand. However, the old LOGO CRTARTU is also our company’s brand asset.

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#卡特兔 #婴儿鞋 #学步鞋 #魔术贴 #包脚趾凉鞋 #2021 #防滑鞋

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Crtartu Shoes Features
♥ Specific designed to suit babies of 0-6 years old.
♥ High quality handmade shoes
♥ Strict QC control
♥ Wrapped shoe body to protect the foot completely
♥ Breathable material
♥ Radian and reinforcement design of the heel, prevent the shoe from falling off
♥ Widen round toe cap to protect baby’s toes from harm
♥ Anti-skid rubber sole
♥ Soft & elastic Hi-poly insole, effectively keep the foot dry and comfortable
Q: How to measure the length of the foot accurately?
A: First prepare a paper and pen, then keep the baby stand and put baby’s feet on the white paper (the baby doesn’t squatting or sitting), mark a point at the top of the toes and the heel, then measure the distance between the two points. (Refer to size chart for more details)

Q: How to choose shoe size?
A: The baby’s shoes need to leave some space for the feet, you can choose the size of the shoe by adding the corresponding length to the baby’s bare feet. Please measure according to the baby ‘s actual feet length, and suggested to increase by 0.5cm – 1cm.

Q: How fast do baby’s feet grow?
A: From 0 to 18 months, the baby’s feet will grow by 0.5cm on average for 3 months. In the 19-50 months, the baby’s feet will grow by 0.5cm on average for 4 months.

** Warm reminder: Due to the requirements of shoe soles and shoe bodies being different based on baby’s age, the design and soles of first stage shoes and second stage shoes will be minor different. Please pay attention and for those who mind it please think twice before place order, thank you 😊

✔️FB粉丝页面上优秀和满意的客户评论(facebook / crtartu)

答:首先准备A4纸和笔,然后让宝宝站立并将脚踩在A4纸上。在脚趾和脚跟的顶部标记一个点,然后用尺测量两点之间的长度。 (更多详细信息,请参阅尺寸表)



** 温馨提醒: 由于不同阶段的宝宝对于鞋底和鞋身的要求不同,所以学步鞋(一段)和稳步鞋(二段)的设计及鞋底都会有些差异。请留意和介意慎拍,谢谢 😊

size Shoes Insole Length (mm) Foot Length (mm.)
19 120 110-115
20 125 115-120
21 130 120-125
22 135 125-130
23 140 130-135
24 145 135-142
25 155 142-149
26 160 149-155
27 165 155-162
28 175 162-169
29 180 169-175
30 185 176-182
31 190 183-189
32 195 190-195
33 205 196-202
34 215 203-209
35 225 210-215
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Blue, Pink, Yellow


13cm, 14cm, 14.5cm, 15.5cm, 16cm, 16.5cm, 17.5cm, 18cm